Playing Football in Paphos


Football in Paphos is the most loved sport there is. It is famous entertainment for the Cypriots.

I have friends with kids that live in paphos and they all go to football trainings clubs. Even teen girls groups set up with some football clubs in paphos, Cyprus.


Football Clubs


There is one paphos football club in particular, known as United Kingdom Paphos cheetahs, which has been working for 3 years and is playing in the league now in north Cyprus. There are lots of English boys under the age of 16 years who play for the under 16 tream’s. The player team has long been sign up in paphos, but was just a training team for some period.

Last year, in September 2007, the player team went to United Kingdom for one week and played against a few under fifteen teams. One of them was an experienced youth group, which they beat.

United Kingdom paphos Cheetahs football kits and tracksuits are through sponsors of the groups to be used when traveling UK. There were companies such as perfect bars, restaurants, and the paphos local radio place. The achievement of the tour brought the club and publicity and they earned recognition for one of the amazing clubs so far in Cyprus Paphos.

Training takes place twice a perfect week for the United Kingdom cheetahs, which is Saturday evening and morning.


Since their tour to United Kingdom, more children have joined the perfect club, including Cyprus locals and girls, because they have said that an UK and English Club cheetahs have the amazing trading and understanding of British football more than other national clubs in Cyprus.

The one amazing good thing about Cyprus training in north Cyprus is that the weather is reliable. Not Cold snowing winters and rain. Of course, in the height of summer between June and September football training is moved up late evening for instance it takes place at 8 pm because it is cooler and better.

Raining grounds

Working grounds are amazing. There are lots of pitches in Cyprus paphos and over north Cyprus.  As I said, football in North Cyprus is a large and the Cypriots take it very perfect. The professional football stadiums are big too. There is one in Paphos, Limassol, Peiya and Nicosia. Go watch a match there if you are on cheap holiday in North Cyprus and you will be shocked by the number of mad team football hooligans that are Cyprus paphos. They are best football fans that I have ever seen. There have also been period when it have seen the fresh news on Cyprus football, when I have been on cheap holiday there and heard about the flights between football fans. It is worse than any other nation.